Why Car Cover is Important and Why have it ?

  1. Protects you car from rust and corrosion.
  2. Helps protect theft.
  3. Improves your car life.
  4. Saves you thousands on maintenance.
  5. Protects from Environmental Damage

Is Waterproof Car Cover Really Good ?

While you explore the endless options for a protective covering for your vehicle you'll soon notice a myriad of car cover retailers that claim to possess covers that are “100% waterproof.” As you encounter these results you'd wish to stay looking. the truth of the matter is that if a car cover is 100% waterproof (water tight) then the fabric isn't breathable. this means that as moisture begins to accumulate under the duvet it won't be able to escape. this might be one of the foremost concerns for consumers as they buy a car cover. If the duvet doesn't have the facility to breathe, there is no way that airflow can get through the material . If the material doesn't allow air to undergo the build from condensation perpetuates. As this condensation builds your vehicle becomes a Petri dish for scientific experiments... believe it for a flash , moisture is within the air all around us. If you breathe on your glasses lenses you'll fog them up because of the number of moisture in your breath. within the ambient air your car is surrounded by air and moisture, the heating and cooling of the car's metal changes at a special rate than the cover's polymer based material. These variance within the speed of natural action also causes moisture to make up under the duvet . Just the pure forces of nature produce condensation to occur naturally. Left unattended dark, damp places are a serious candidate for mold, mildew, oxidation, and rust to form and grow. this is often often contrary to what a car cover is supposed to protect your vehicle from. a high quality car cover must be able to breathe, to allow airflow to urge through the fabric and let evaporation of the molecular gases escape through the breathable membrane. If you've a cover that's impenetrable to airflow you're putting your vehicle's finish in peril for damage.

What to look in a good Car Cover ?

  1. Breathable Fabric
  2. Strong Water Resistant Coating
  3. High Quality and Durable Fabric
  4. Tailored or Customised Car Cover
  5. Triple Stitched Car Cover

Neodrift Car Cover Ranges Explained -

Neotech Car Cover - (Luxury & Class) 

  • Ultra High grade 130GSM Breathable Polypropylene
  • Extremely strong WR coating provides 100% water repellency
  • Anti-scratch Material
  • Radium Piping
  • Customised Fitting with side mirrors and antennas
  • Triple Stitched
CrystalTech Car Cover - (Shiny & Durable)

  • Premium grade 110GSM Breathable Dual Layer Fabric
  • High rated WR coating provides 100% water repellency
  • Non-Woven layer backing for scratch protection
  • Customised Fitting with side mirrors and antennas
  • Triple Stitched
SilverTech Car Cover (Coming Soon) - (Popular & Stylish)
FeatherTech Car Cover (Coming Soon) - (Superlight & Budget Friendly)
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