Challenger® 'L5 Orthopaedic Cushion' - Memory Foam Orthopaedic Cushion for Back Support

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NEODRIFT ‘L5 Orthopaedic Cushion’ - Lumbar Support Memory Foam Orthopedic Backrest Cushion for Lower Back Pain Relief for Car Seat, Office Chair, Home Sofa

Our Lumbar Support Pillow is a light and portable pillow made of high-quality foam. It is designed to provide maximum support of the spine, relieving pressure and helping to improve your posture or solve musculoskeletal conditions. Using pressure mapping and a breathable foam, this Lumbar Support Pillow provides an effective distribution of weight while adapting to the natural curvature of your back


Ergonomic Design 

The lumbar pillow complements the natural arches of your back to improve comfort while sitting for extended periods of time. The contoured shape will gently guide your lower back and spine to mold to the pillow for a secure and comfortable hold that provides maximum comfort. 

100% Memory Foam

High-density and high-resilience memory foam gives you a perfect balance between the foam’s firmness and softness. It alleviates sitting fatigue and reduces the pressure on your back.

Adjustable Strap

The adjustable elastic strap fits any chair and keeps the lumbar cushion in position. The extension strap makes the lumbar cushion compatible with any office chair, executive chair, car seat, dining chair, sofa seating, airplane chair, wheelchair, recliner seating, etc.

Medically Tested

Our lumbar support pillow has been extensively tested by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors and has been proven to be helpful in alleviating mid-back and lower-back pain.


The Pillow is lightweight, making it very convenient to carry it with you everywhere. This pillow can be brought to work, used for air travel, road trips, or even be used at home.


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